Youth empowerment club

Empowering the next generation



Cultivate and grow the right relationships with the youth to prepare them for the future. Giving them the tools to build community together.


No matter a person’s background or status
creating that culture of respect will teach the
youth how to respect themselves, others, and community.


Inner city youth are some of the most resilient youth in the world. Our goal is to tap into their resiliency and potential and to use that to achieve success.

What We Do.

The YEC program will train and prepare youth and young adults to be career ready or college ready for the technology industry upon graduating the program.

As well as creating a safe space for teens to build relationships and heal from past traumas and prepare them to deal with any future trauma.

Our Programs


Healing Circles


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Tech Education

See us in action

stethoscopes event

See us in action

We were able to feed 1000 people this year for our turkey drive

Join the program

Bring your youth out every Thursday from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. The evening will be filled with good conversation, good vibes, and a lot of fun! We provide a safe space for our youth to come together and fellowship.

Meet Our Team!


Nisaa Borer-Nelson

Program Mentor

Jordan headshot

Jordan Borer-Nelson


Joshua Giowaya

Joshua Giowaya

Lead Tech Instructor

Dario 2

Dario Otero

Lead Business Instructor


To apply or for more information please contact

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for volunteers for meal donations for weekly program, snack donations for activities and mentorships.

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